Can a company refuse to hire me if I file for Bankruptcy?

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Anyone who is currently considering filing for the bankruptcy is definitely facing a highly stressful situation. There exists a possibility that an employer will refuse to hire you after finding that you have filed for the bankruptcy. There exist various laws on how an employer can treat the person going through the bankruptcy and how an employer is allowed to use the personal information of the person who has filed for the bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is definitely a very situation but taking some short-term courses during the bankruptcy will help you a lot. These short-term courses include credit counseling course, debtor education course, bankruptcy course and second bankruptcy course. Debtor education course will tell you that how to manage you’re all the financial debts and bankruptcy course will teach how to handle your bankruptcy process.

bankruptcy course

Bankruptcy course can be done before filing for the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy course prohibits the state, local and federal government and their different agencies from directly firing an employee only because of his bankruptcy filing. It also prohibits them from using the bankruptcy filing as the key reason for firing an employee or not hiring him in the company. This code definitely prohibits the existing private employer from firing the current employee but the sub-part of this code is not exactly clear about this process. The fair credit reporting act puts many restrictions on how any company or an employer who is hiring a person who filed for bankruptcy should use the credit details of that person. Even if you are an employee of any company and you are currently going through the process of bankruptcy, even then they cannot use this bankruptcy filing against you.

The fair credit reporting act states that if any employer still denies hiring you or trying to fire you only because of your bankruptcy then he must also have to give a written clarification on why he is not hiring you or try to fire you. It is very common these days that the various job seekers who refuse to disclose their credit details in front of their employer are likely to turn down for the job. So all these things are not right according to the various laws but still people are doing this. Going for a debtor education course and credit counseling course can save you from the bankruptcy. So if you feel that your financial situation is not good in the current scenario then you must consider for going these courses. There are two another course namely bankruptcy course and second bankruptcy course which you have to do before filing for the bankruptcy. Bankruptcy course is not a very time-consuming course. It takes only two hours and the certification of the course will be delivered to your home in few days. Even you can also take this bankruptcy course online. Bankruptcy can cause many problems but a person should always handle it with strength.